"Game Grade" (WG) Material

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. What are the models made of?
2. Can the material be painted?
3. Can I glue parts together?

1. What are the models made of? Back to Top
"Game Grade" or "Wargame Grade" (WG) material is a nylon material. The process is by fusing the material in powder form with high intensity laser, through a process called SLS (Selective Laser Sintering).

"Game Grade" material before painting

The material is very strong and flexible, so thin model parts are less likely to break when bent. Great for models that are frequently handled, such as vehicles on wargame table. This material has a fine texture, usually unnoticeable after 2 - 3 coats of base paint.

Sometimes layering effect appears on sloped areas of the model. We have no control where and when the layering will happen so if you buy 2 units of the same model, one might have layering but the other not.


2. Can the material be painted? Back to Top
Yes,the material accepts paints readily. When you first received the products, it is likely that they are covered with white plastic powder. This is normal. Use a hard tooth brush to clean off the powder. There might be some powder clotting holes and gaps, such as between road wheels of tanks. Use a pin to pick out the powder before painting.

We use Tamiya acrylics as base coat. Then we use what ever water based acrylics we used to paint our models.

We discovered that un-thinned Tamiya Acrylic X-22 Clear (or any clear paint from them) can do a pretty good job smoothing out the texture of the material, without sacrificing too much surface detail. We suggest first painting the model with a Tamiya Acrylic close to the colour of the final model. Let the model absorbs enough paint so that no white material shows through. Then brush on a coat of X-22. And then one more coat of base colour. Let the paint dry thoroughly between coats. Then you can paint the model with whatever kind of water base paint you used to use.

Of course you can use regular primer/base coat you used to use.

"Game Grade" after 1 coat of Tamiya acrylic paint
"Game Grade" after 3 coats of Tamiya acrylic paint
Painted model (turret) from a customer.

3 Can I glue parts together? Back to Top
Yes, using Cyanoacrylate glue (super glue) or two part epoxy glue. Think of it as gluing resin kits. Because the surface of the material has a texture, quick setting two part epoxy glue is our first choice.

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