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Note to Customers:

  1. This dsicount page is powered by PayPal to monitor the quantity sold but it still requires us to manually change the available quantity. So the quantity shown might not be accurate.
  2. If PayPal ask you to lower the purchase quantity, and you only entered "1", that means the item has already been sold.
  3. If you badly required a sold item and you are willing to wait, you can send us an email with the item name (email: ), and we will try to make another one for you for the same price. Please make sure your email address is correct because we will contact you and send you a PayPal invoice.
  4. You can ask for colour schemes other than as the photos shown if you preorder. Price will be adjusted if necessary.
  5. Click on the photo icon to see a larger picture of the item. You can request a even larger photo via email.
  6. If you only see one photo of the product when you click on the icon, that means most likely you are buying the exact item as shown in the photograph.
  7. Shipping:
    For purchase under US$49.99 US$9.9 for airmail shipping!
    Purchase of US$50 to under US$99.99: US$7.9 for airmail shipping!
    Purchase of US$100 to under US$149.99: US$5.9 for airmail shipping!
    For purchase of US$150 or over: Free shipping!
  8. Combined shipping: You can make multiple purchases and we will manually refund the extra shipping cost.
  9. For any questions, please feel free to contact us at