1:144 WWII German Bauform 202
Machine Gun Toburk with Gunner



This kit contains two parts: a painted Tobruk and German Machine Gunner manning a MG42 in Heer uniform.

The assembled emplacement measured approximately 8cm/3.2" X 7.25cm/2.8".

Bauform 202 were typically used along the Atlantic Wall including Normandy.

Create Your Own Diorama or Fight Your Wargame Battles
with this German Bauform 202 Machine Gun Toburk with Gunner.

Highly detailed and realistic. Specially designed for creating dioramas or wargame battlefields.

The emplacement is made with resin, fully painted and weathered and ready for battle. Each model is individually hand painted.
100% Made in Hong Kong.

The MG 42 Gunner is fabricated with Acrylic resin with state of the art "3D Printing" technology to the highest detail. Individually hand painted and detailed.
Product of Hong Kong.

Not "N" scale or 1:160.